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fgbd's Journal

Fat Girl Break Down
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What is Fat Girl Break Down?
Fat Girl Break Down is a collaborative web zine. This is a safe place for people of any size, color, gender, class, or sexual orientation to talk about body image, fat oppression, size acceptance, body issues, self esteem, sexuality, feminism, mass media, and anything else that remotely correlates to those issues.

Ok, I would like to keep this as laid back as possible. But there are a few rules that I ask you to follow.
1. absolutly NO diet recommendations.
2. do NOT critisize "morbidly obese" people for thier condition.
3. disabled people are people too.
4. i do NOT want to hear any body trying to define the boundaries of "fat" - we are here because we dont WANT any more boundaries put on our bodies. ANYBODY can have body issues, and that's why we are here.
5. gender boundaries do not exist in this journal. i will not tolerate any prejudice against men or women, and i will DEFINATLY not tolerate any prejudice agains transgender, transexual, intersex, or questioning individuals.
6. Please no crossposting from other communties, these posts will be removed.
7. most of these rules are just basic RESPECT rules and i assume we dont even need these, because this forum is, at this point, VERY loving.