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Fat Girl Blogs?

Hey folks,
So I'm trying to get together a list of allll the fat girl blogs - whether they're just by fat girls, or about fat empowerment, or group blogs, or anything, as long as they're fat-pos and not about dieting or body negativity. I'm especially looking for new reads in the politics/fat-feminism arena, but I'd love to hear about blogs on any topic (or on no topic at all :). If anyone in this community has a public (not friends-only) blog, either on LJ or elsewhere, that I could include in the list for the website I'm putting together, would you be willing to comment here and share? Blogs I already know about include:
The Pretty Pear
Wicked Thoughts (on red polka)
Body Impolitic
Chubby Girl Brigade
Flab Blab

Are there any I'm missing?

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